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Kishore BudhaKishore holds a PhD from the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, UK (PhD award in January). His interests include philosophy, critical theories of media and communication, transnational communication, Film industry & production, Film theory, Film and history, Communications Policy, Visual Culture, Communication Technologies, Web media and communication. He has worked in the Indian print and web industry.

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Last men standing

March 17, 2013   No Comments  

Harry Belafonte as the last man alive in The World, The Flesh and The Devil

Will Smith as the last man alive in I am legend

Early colour motion pictures

March 17, 2013   No Comments  

The world’s first colour motion picture was stumbled upon in the National Media Museum, Bradford last year


And Kodak’s earliest colour film:


PHD The Movie

March 17, 2013   No Comments  

All those individuals who have already or are planning to trade their souls and brains to undertake the masochistic journey of a PhD (that should already put you off) here’s something to make your day just a little bit more depressing. The folks at PhD comics have released the movie, PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper). Watch it. What do you think?

[vimeo 24506038 w=425&h=238]

The madness of Ram Gopal Varma?

March 17, 2013   No Comments  

Image of RGV with Surya

Ram Gopal Varma with Surya (Image from Wikimedia)

Ram Gopal Varma has been panned and flamed by critics for his mediocrity (here), being hysterical and gimmicky (here), and like the prodigal son who has lost his way (here). There is also the reported trading of insults between Karan Johar and RGV (here). The proverbial dirt from the laundry is all over the web for interested voyeurs to unravel. This post is not about what are considered RGV’s failures. While we are aware of his abilities to make thrillers and cult characters (Shiva, Satya, Company), his abilities in directing films that subtly poke fun at the “Indian film” without upsetting the “average viewer” are perhaps under-explored and with good reason. The background noise from his many films with the B conventions obscure his record in making some interesting comedy films that do not reduce filmmaking to a series of skits. Three films that come to my mind are Kshana Kshanam (Dir, Telugu) and Rangeela (Dir, Hindi) and Money (Prod, Telugu).

[

Gangs of Wasseypur

September 26, 2012   No Comments  

Anurag Kashyap: Talking at and talking with cinema.

Films are texts that become subjects of acrimony between reviewers and fan girls and boys. The former, most often sitting in the periphery of the film world, are borderline narcissists and somewhere off centre lie the fangirls and boys. In this universe, it is almost impossible to have a meaningful conversation unless we are generally in agreement, for example Shah Rukh Khan is the best (replace Shah Rukh Khan with any actor you zealously follow). My review of Gangs… is not aimed to pander to either the Anurag Kashyap fan girls and boys and of course, it is an exercise in narcissism. [Read more →]

Queen of Versailles

April 26, 2012   No Comments  

Queen of Versailles and Arrested Development. Life imitating art? American television sometimes betrays the utopian visions of the country created by mainstream cinema. In particularly television comedy does a better job of poking fun at society and ourselves. Queen of Versailles appears to embody the byproduct ofthe absurd and dysfunctional underside to the American dream. Zooms, high-key lighting, voice-overs and epilogues to the next episode that never take place subsequently are some of the tactics used to manipulate audiences in Arrested Development. While Arrested Development parodied the idea of conservative America under Bush, Queen of Versailles appears to be a just-in-time parody of the good times by examining its hollowed out remains.

8th Orphan Film Symposium

February 6, 2011   No Comments  

NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Cinema Studies, and the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program present the 8th Orphan Film Symposium, April 11-14, 2012 at the Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, NY, USA. [Read more →]

“Get a life!”

February 9, 2010   2 Comments  

Saba Naqvi of Outlook asserts:

My more earnest/ideological friends and relatives grumble that Shahrukh inhabits a no-man’s bubble gum land on celluloid and has played a role in divesting movies of all social context. I say, hey, get a life! Movies are for fun and there are others who make gritty realistic movies (that are no fun for kids). My own sociological research of tiny tots at birthday parties has led me to conclude that little girls in particular are die-hard Shahrukh fans because most of his films are free of violence and even the romance is so unrealistic that it could be straight out of a fairy tale. Little boys on the other hand are often fans of action heroes like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan (must be the muscles). (link)

Groan, cringe!

Power, politics and Bollywood

January 27, 2010   No Comments  

Here’s an interesting article on the politics of Bollywood. Refreshing to be seen in mainstream media.

The questions to ask about a Bollywood film are not whether they are aesthetically good or bad, but how  effective they are socially and politically. Do they add strength to caste society and its institutions? Or do they promote sexual freedom and social anarchy? Artistically, Bollywood films are meaningless.


The WTF movie of the year

January 20, 2010   No Comments  

Embedding is disallowed by our friends at Eros Entertainment. But do watch this and be amazed (link).