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Half-baked news, FTII and Hollywood

According to this report on Yahoo India FTII has entered into a collaboration with Hollywood.

The Films and Television Institute of India (FTII) of Pune and the Satyajit Ray Film Institute of Kolkata will soon collaborate with Hollywood, Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi said here Monday. [Read more →]

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Response to Hindi cinema – rhetoric or substance?

There is both recognition and discomfort in many quarters across South Asia over the rising popularity of the India cultural industry. Countries skirting India are responding to the challenge, though it is more rhetorical than substance. It is argued here that for a truly diverse South Asian film culture to evolve, policy needs to go beyond statements, tax breaks, subsidies, and exhibition quotas. [Read more →]

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India Germany co-production pact

Another country has signed a co-production pact with India. The salient features of the pact are:

  • minimum contribution includes at least one leading actor, one supporting actor and one qualified technical staff person.
  • language of soundtrack: Hindi or any other Indian language or dialect, or in English or German or in any combination of those permitted languages. [Read more →]

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Italy offers Indian film industry its expertise – now that’s a laugh

An Italian delegation led by deputy Prime Minister Francesco Rutelli offered Italian experise in film production to India. Here’s Pritish Nandy’s response to a question I posed him about the contribution of the French to Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (A Thousand Dreams Like These): [Read more →]

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MPAA to flex muscle in Indian film industry?

AFP reports that a top US business lobby group is to launch a probe into counterfeiting in India’s film industry. Given the growing proximity between corporate players in the film industry with the US film industry — one should not be surprised if MPAA starts flexing its muscle in India and attempts to establish itself in the one film market it has little control over.

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Film censorship in the UK and across the world

A bonanza for a researcher! The Guardian website has a collection of reports on film censorship across the world since 2002

I represent the links here (for my own records in case it is taken off)

This Film is Not Yet Rated [

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