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Survey on Indian film audience

What Indian film consumers want

What Indian film consumers want

Screeen, a film weekly has conducted a survey on Indian film audience to learn more about their preferences and views. Find it here.

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Cottage Star Wars: The future of cinema?

A father, daughter, and son star in their own Star Wars. Great tribute. Enjoy!

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Foxy times for Bollywood

Guardian reports the launch of Fox Star Studios, a Fox Studios venture into Indian cinema (read here). I had predicted changes in structures of ownership (read here), written about the formal subsumption of capital (read here). Majors such as Sony Pictures had already shown the way to do it in Bollywood (read here). [Read more →]

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The banality and populism of film criticism

Well… as William Leith of The Guardian asks (and answers) rhetorically, Izgnanie (The Banishment) is the most Russian film ever made. Leith explains it as what it is not — a Hollywood film. Thus, lack of familiarity defines what Russian cinema is. [Read more →]

August 29, 2008   1 Comment  

Simulacra: The next level?

Image Metrics, a California-based animation company has come up with a modelling technology that allows a face to be recognised in its minutest detail and converted to animation.  The technology, unlike earlier motion, capture works “without markers, make-up, specialised stages, or sets“. The results are stunning. For example, watch Emily: [Read more →]

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I wanna hold your hand! Beatles in Bollywood

Film music provides the framework for almost the entire popular music outside of the cinematic world. India is not alone in this: Indonesia (dangdut); Argentina (tango), and Egyptian pop music have evolved out of cinematic musical traditions. Pop music in India is film music and vice versa. Indian cinema’s hybridity goes back a long way. Western musical influences in Indian cinema can be traced to the post-war era when Indian classical music gave way to strings, horns, and [Read more →]

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Ramchand Pakistani – Review

Ramchand Pakistani: Potential lost?

There’s a lot about Mehreen Jabbar’s film, Ramchand Pakistani, that can be appreciated. Syed Fazal Hussain, who plays Ramchand, is on the top of that list, Nandita Das is close to the bottom, and the film itself hovers somewhere in the middle. [Read more →]

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Surveillance and subjugation of Tamil actresses

Remember Marion Crane? Remember what Laura Mulvey sought to convey about the patriarchal moorings of the classical film narrative in her defining work, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema? Marion Crane of Psycho stands out from the multitude of Hitchcock’s female stars in one respect. When it comes to defining the victimhood engendered by the male gaze, Marion Crane succeeded remarkably well. She expressed well [Read more →]

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The Corporate Shakeout In Tamil Film Industry: The Forgotten Lessons of the Paramount Case

For the past one year, there has been a growing interest in media circles in Tamil Nadu about the ventures of corporate film companies such as Pyramid Saimira, Adlabs, Ayngaran, Eros, UTV etc., Media reports speak of a big shakeout in Tamil film industry due to the advent of corporate groups. It must be mentioned here that corporate film companies entered Tamil film industry long after corporates such as Adlabs and UTV entered [Read more →]

March 30, 2008   3 Comments  

“It is different, it is truly different…”: An Adornian View of Tamil Cinema’s Logic of Difference

The one short sentence which runs a ceaseless course in the talks and speeches of majority of actors, directors, producers and technicians of the Tamil film industry is, “It is different.” The close counterparts of this sentence are “it is truly different” and “it is new.” Whenever a film enters the production phase or scheduled for release, the people who are associated with the film do not miss an opportunity to tell the [Read more →]

March 23, 2008   4 Comments