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Queen of Versailles

Queen of Versailles and Arrested Development. Life imitating art? American television sometimes betrays the utopian visions of the country created by mainstream cinema. In particularly television comedy does a better job of poking fun at society and ourselves. Queen of Versailles appears to embody the byproduct ofthe absurd and dysfunctional underside to the American dream. Zooms, high-key lighting, voice-overs and epilogues to the next episode that never take place subsequently are some of the tactics used to manipulate audiences in Arrested Development. While Arrested Development parodied the idea of conservative America under Bush, Queen of Versailles appears to be a just-in-time parody of the good times by examining its hollowed out remains.

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Rethinking Tamil Television News With Walter Lippmann Part – 2

If one agrees with Lippmann’s notion of news, news has a functional attribute: “to signalize an event.” And Lippmann’s notion of truth extends this purpose further by getting us the larger picture of reality in terms of facts. News and truth are not the same , according to Lippmann,but they are tied up inextricably in terms of their purposes with regard to the event. If one applies this logic of news and truth to what Tamil television news channels seek to convey in their “news casts.” what results is a shocking picture of what Lippmann would not have approved, In the name of “news “and “truth,” the news channels which are owned by the politicians take recourse very often to the dissemination of political propaganda as “news” in matters involving their parties and government. [Read more →]

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Rethinking Tamil Television News With Walter Lippmann Part – 1

One of the seminal contributions of Walter Lippmann’s Public Opinion (1922) lies in pointing to the linkages between news and truth, censorship and propaganda, democracy and news. In this post, I would like to engage with the objective of rethinking Tamil Television news through the prism offered by Walter Lippmann in Public Opinion. [Read more →]

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Narcissism, Late Capitalism and Tamil Television: A Freudian Perspective

Sigmund Freud made a signal contribution to psychoanalysis through his 1914 paper “On Narcissism: An Introduction”. As a concept, narcissism has been employed in diverse ways to examine a range of socio-political leaders, movements and phenomena. In recent times, the rise of reality television provides ample scope to deal with the concept of narcissism in an entirely different mediascape and a different age of modernity, late capitalism. [Read more →]

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A Day To Remember and the Strange Political Economy of Media in Tamil Nadu

Today (October 01) is a day to remember in Tamil cinema for two varied reasons. It marks another birth anniversary of Sivaji Ganesan, the doyen of Tamil cinema who passed away in 2001. It was Sivaji who gave a great boost to the political cinema of DMK during the 1950s. His first film, Parasakthi, 1952, was a scathing statement against the evils of exploitation, superstition, and moral depravity. [Read more →]

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Polimer: Another Tamil Channel in a Cluttered Market?

polimerA new channel, Polimer, was added on Sep.23 09 to the overcrowded market of Tamil television at a function in Chennai. The launch has several implications for the satellite channels controlled by political parties and the political families. [Read more →]

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The Politics of Tamil Televison: The Bane of Cross Media Ownership?

I have already written on the the strange political economy of media in Tamil Nadu in several of my earlier posts. Pl. read them before going through the present post.

In a state where every major political party, barring the CPI (M) and CPI, owns one or several channels, depending on their political and financial prowess, the first casualty in the short term appears to be truthful accounts of local, national and international events. [Read more →]

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Tamil Television and the War in Sri Lanka

These are indeed sad times in the land (TN) where political propaganda of several hues got their expositions and teeming audiences through political films, plays and newspapers since the late 1940s. In the face of the gripping tragedies that are befalling innocent Tamils in the war-torn Srilanka every day, what one encounters in Tamil Nadu is a sordid propaganda game where truths about the goings on in Srilanka have become the casualty. [Read more →]

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