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Posts from — July 2007

“I am Sivaji, MGR and Rajini too”

Appropriation of what does not belong to one is akin to stealing. Appropriation of material and non-material things that belong to others is punishable in law in our real lives. We cannot also masquerade using others’ identities. Stars of Tamil cinema love to appropriate and masquerade to win the hearts of subalterns by invoking the name of a long dead superstar of yesteryears, MGR, in different forms and twists. Recently, there was a talk of Vijayakanth (founder leader of DMDK party) seeking to name his 150th film as ‘Karuppu MGR’ (‘Black MGR’). To the ageing fans of MGR, this coinage may seem to be an anachronism as they loved MGR not only for his good samaritan roles and gestures, but also for his fair and pinkish complexion. Tamils seem to love what is not black, on screen and off screen. [Read more →]

July 24, 2007   1 Comment  

Countering CBFC chief’s claims

Sharmila Tagore, the head of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has argued that Indian films belittle women (read here). Commenting on the refusal to certify Closer for its “wordy sex talk”. Her reasons?

Indian audiences — especially those outside the big metropolises, who are typically more conservative, less educated and, she says, less “media-literate”. [Read more →]

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Tamil Cinema and Tamil Nadu Politics:Mutual Admiration Societies? or …

We are familiar with the stories of Tamil film actors aspiring to become politicians. Remember the long standing demand of Rajinikant’s fans and the recent pleas by politicians like Chandra Babu Naidu that Rajinikant should enter politics? We have been made familiar with stories of actors-turned-politicians-turned CMs like MGR and Jayalalitha for at least three decades. [Read more →]

July 12, 2007   8 Comments  

Mass television Vs good cinema

The Hindu reports that “serious” cinema has no takers in television (Read here), while Indiantelevision.com reports (read here) that the race for eyeballs has led to hikes in film acquisition costs as channels vie for blockbusters. [Read more →]

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Sivaji: Digital Disruptions vs Angry Fans in Malaysia

One of the reasons given by the Malaysian distributor of Sivaji:The Boss for the glitches in screening the film on the opening day pertains to the non-availability of adequate prints and the consequent delays in obtaining the password from India for downloading the necessary number of prints from internet. Fans being fans, they were in no mood to listen to the pleas of the theatre managers and distributors and allowed their anger to spill freely in the foyers of many theatres across Malaysia, even as the film was posting record first day collection of RM 536000. Here is an interesting footage on youtube which shows angry fans, pacifying Tamil speaking policemen and a journalist who gets jostled in the crowd of angry fans seeking to air their views.

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