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Posts from — March 2008

Let Us Learn to Love Good Compositions

One good way to learn the art of composition is to endear ourselves to a bunch of inspiring images. These images need not be classic works of photography. Any image counts here. Images of living and non-living things count equally. Images of the past and present are not to be discriminated. What one saw in the past as one drove through a beautiful countryside or whatever comes back strongly as memories of the past [Read more →]

March 31, 2008   No Comments  

The Corporate Shakeout In Tamil Film Industry: The Forgotten Lessons of the Paramount Case

For the past one year, there has been a growing interest in media circles in Tamil Nadu about the ventures of corporate film companies such as Pyramid Saimira, Adlabs, Ayngaran, Eros, UTV etc., Media reports speak of a big shakeout in Tamil film industry due to the advent of corporate groups. It must be mentioned here that corporate film companies entered Tamil film industry long after corporates such as Adlabs and UTV entered [Read more →]

March 30, 2008   3 Comments  

Musafir: Rethinking popular culture

Breaking into a song in Venice. A screengrab from Musafir

Breaking into a song in Venice. A screengrab from Musafir

Dir Pierre-Yves Perez & Cedric Dupire
color, 84 min, 2004
Documentary Educational Resources
http://der.org/films/musafir.html [

March 24, 2008   2 Comments  

“It is different, it is truly different…”: An Adornian View of Tamil Cinema’s Logic of Difference

The one short sentence which runs a ceaseless course in the talks and speeches of majority of actors, directors, producers and technicians of the Tamil film industry is, “It is different.” The close counterparts of this sentence are “it is truly different” and “it is new.” Whenever a film enters the production phase or scheduled for release, the people who are associated with the film do not miss an opportunity to tell the [Read more →]

March 23, 2008   4 Comments  

Goya in Bordeaux – From One Artist to Another

Velasquez’s Las Meninas – one of the most talked about paintings in the history of European Art is a mere reference towards the end of Carlos Saura’s film Goya en Bordeos. The young artist examines the painting-as it inhabits a dark go down-with growing realisation with each passing moment. It is a while before he can understand the enormity and the complexity of that painting, where Velasquez has painted representation [Read more →]

March 17, 2008   2 Comments