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Posts from — August 2008

(CFP) Trash Cinema

We are searching for three to five additional submissions for a critical collection about the ever-expanding world of national and international trash cinema. [Read more →]

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Simulacra: The next level?

Image Metrics, a California-based animation company has come up with a modelling technology that allows a face to be recognised in its minutest detail and converted to animation.¬† The technology, unlike earlier motion, capture works “without markers, make-up, specialised stages, or sets“. The results are stunning. For example, watch Emily: [Read more →]

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(CFP) Southeast Asian Horror Cinema

Call for Papers: Edited Collection on Southeast Asian Horror Cinema

Abstracts are sought for a collection of essays on Southeast Asian Horror Cinema. Although relatively modest in terms of production and aesthetics if compared to the horror cinemas of Japan and Korea for [Read more →]

August 19, 2008   3 Comments  

I wanna hold your hand! Beatles in Bollywood

Film music provides the framework for almost the entire popular music outside of the cinematic world. India is not alone in this: Indonesia (dangdut); Argentina (tango), and Egyptian pop music have evolved out of cinematic musical traditions. Pop music in India is film music and vice versa. Indian cinema’s hybridity goes back a long way. Western musical influences in Indian cinema can be traced to the post-war era when Indian classical music gave way to strings, horns, and [Read more →]

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Stop press! Bollywood on NYT.com!

Some more on the “Indian-cinema-is-now-a-global-phenomenon” phenomenon! Sure to warm the cockles of Indian journalists and a section of the Indian society in India and abroad, who take such coverage as the much sought after road to global standing. They might as well scoff… Karan Johar has addressed students at NYU, Harvard, and Kellogg. For your amusement:

Screen grab of NYT report on the Unforgettable tour

NYT report on the Unforgettable tour. Click to enlarge

For those more interested in the history of NYTs coverage of Bollywood, read this. And to read the above NYT report, navigate here

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The world’s searching for us… really?

Following on some previous observations on Indian cinema abroad (for example, the revenues earned by Hindi films in UK, read here, or how much newspapers in the Western world report on Bollywood, read here, or the “popularity” of Bollywood in Africa, read here) Kuhu Tanvir commented that Bollywood was reportedly quite popular in Africa. Now, I don’t question the fact that Hindi films are screened in parts of Africa, thanks [Read more →]

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Philippine Digital Music and Short Film Festival

Via Tilman Baumgärtel at aseac-open

Thumb InterActiv and Blue Fish Asia, strong advocates of making the Filipino music and artistry available around the world through Digital Technology, are spearheading the very first Philippine Digital Music and [Read more →]

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factualTV: Online documentary films

factualTV (http://factualtv.com) is a new online documentary screening and sales service that gives visitors free access to many factual videos and documentaries. These categorised videos and fairly high quality videos (web streaming quality) are free to view online (requires a simple registration) and can be downloaded for a small charge, and as their website states “sometimes free”. The list of films on factualTV’s website is not eye-popping (they [Read more →]

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(CFP) Film and film culture. Issue 5

Frontiers and Futures in Film and Digital Media

Cinema is changing. Cinema has always changed: evolved, developed and adapted to shifts in technology and culture since its inception in the 19th century. The nature of the medium itself has undergone radical realignment in the past decade however, particularly with the growth of the internet and the refinement of [Read more →]

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(CFP) Critical Essays on the Films of Anthony Minghella

We are pleased to request academicians, filmmakers, playwrights, directors, musicians and screenwriters to submit proposals for critical essays on the works of Anthony Minghella. The volume will be brought out by a reputed international publishing house. Topics include but are not limited to the following: [Read more →]

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