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Posts from — January 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: Are you sure this is it?

The Toast of TorontoSlumdog Millionaire, darling of the international festival circuit and on Tuesday nominated for ten Academy Awards, hit Indian shores this weekend. I watched it on a sold-out Friday night; the movie is packing shows deep into the week. I see that over at The Times of India, Nikhat Kazmi has pronounced Slumdog Millionaire “a piece of riveting cinema, meant to be savoured as a Cinderella-like fairy tale, with the edge of a thriller and the vision of an artist.” And here is Shubhra Gupta, writing for the Indian Express: “One look at Slumdog Millionaire and you know that its spirit and soul is flagrantly, proudly India: the Empire has been finally, overwhelmingly trounced.” Film criticism in the Indian press has been gone to the dogs for a while; it is now en route to the slumdogs. [Read more →]

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Down Oscar lane….

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WORLDEAF Cinema Festival

The Gallaudet University WORLDEAF Cinema Festival will showcase competitive short films, feature films, videos and vlogs created by deaf and hard of hearing filmmakers. The festival will take place November 4-7, 2009 at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.. Academy Award-winning actress, Marlee Matlin, is the festival’s honorary chair. The festival seeks to increase awareness of deaf cinema within the greater film and media industry, and provide international deaf filmmakers with unique professional networking opportunities. Hearing filmmakers are also invited to submit their visual media products that include the deaf experience. For additional information, view the website at http://wdcf.gallaudet.edu. [Read more →]

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Screen Research Website

According to Dr Luke McKernan, founder of Screen Research, the website is “designed to be an online centre for anyone interested in the study of the moving image. It is aimed at researchers, lecturers, students, archivists, curators, educationalists, information specialists, scholars of the new media – anyone with a serious interest in screen history and screen practice today. It has news about upcoming conferences, festivals, and publications; [Read more →]

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(CFP) Animation Studies

Society for Animation Studies members are invited to submit conference papers from SAS or other conferences, past and present in the growing subject area of animation studies. Non-members are welcome to submit papers, but must join the society before an accepted paper can be published. (Membership details available at http://animationstudies.org ). [Read more →]

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Mr Rahman goes to Oscars. Indian media clamour

(Continuously updated) As Rahman enters the hunt for Oscars, we keep track of the madness that unfolds in Indian media. The latter is known to go give importance to any western recognition to Indians in asign of its readers’/audiences’ westward cultural orientation and sensitivity.  Already we can notice that all the media reports are identical as they are dependant on news agencies, telling us something about the economics and sociology of news production and the structural characteristics of media. Besides this journalism studies perspective there is the other issue of the valorisation of awards instituted in the west. Does this reflect a cultural imperialism and hegemony?  These are issues we can perhaps reflect on. [Read more →]

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The sanctity of Padma awards?

Most awards in the film world are controversial. There is no black and white and there are always people who agree, those who don’t and those who are perennially suspicious. Be it the Oscars, the Filmfare or any other big or small awards.

The priorities of these awards vary from popularity to critics choice  to a mixture of both, and therefore when there are disparities, one doesn’t make too much of it, because we have come to terms with the ‘corruption’ of it all.

Where one doesn’t expect random popularity to take priority over achievement and talent are the Padma awards. [Read more →]

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Why Slumdog can irk an Indian


India has more-or-less embraced Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire even to the extent of appropriating it in many way, but then again, it has got the country it’s first Golden Globe and is the only real hope for an Oscar, something to die-for. There may be a wild backlash at Amitabh Bachchan’s criticism of the film, but there is something to say about an indignation that one can feel when a film like this comes along. [Read more →]

January 22, 2009   4 Comments  

The Bachchan-Boyle-blog saga; or the Slumdog story

slumdog millionaire

Danny Boyle’s little film, Slumdog Millionaire has made it big. With four Golden Globe wins including major ones like Best Film and Best Director it has become something of an Oscar favourite. A film like this would have encouraged yawns from the Indian masses and at best would have received critical nods and intellectual appraisal at film festivals. But then Rahman went and won a Golden Globe and we went a tad berserk that an Indian received an international award, and dreams for India’s first actual Oscar (Satyajit Ray’s was an honorary one, and Aamir was always a non-starter) have resurfaced at an embarrassing level. [Read more →]

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Thoughts on Revolutionary Road


There is no dearth of films on the darkness of suburban life in America. In fact we get at least one every year. As far as content goes, Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road is nothing new.

A young couple move to the suburbs after their first pregnancy, looking for a stable background for the life that is to come and for themselves. Few years and two children down the [Read more →]

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