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Posts from — August 2009

Remembering Theena Muna Kana,N.S.Krishnan and the Camouflaged Narrative Devices of Tamil Political Cinema

Nagercoil Sudalaimuthu Krishnan, popularly known as NSK/Kalaivanar,iNSK2 who died on this day in 1957, remains unrivalled for his stellar ideological contributions to Tamil cinema in general and Tamil political cinema in particular through his multifaceted roles as comedian, singer, director and producer. He started his theatre career in 1924 and film career in 1936 with his role in Menaka. Born in a oral society such as ours, he cleverly chose what suited him and his audience and avoided comedy genres such as slapstick, screwball, mime etc., His comedy roles were imbued with a vision of social and political transformation even as they [Read more →]

August 30, 2009   4 Comments  

When directors attack critics

Directors and film critics have always had a tenuous relationship. For every failed film, and every opinion that goes against them, filmmakers launch diatribes against critics who have panned their films. However, there is a trend to be noted in the recent past, especially as far as the language of criticism and the backlash to it is concerned. A recent blog post written by the ever controversial Ram Gopal Varma creates new heights in vicious words reserved for critics. From personal attacks to their integrity and a conspicuous attempt not to veil their identities, Varma has unknowingly brought to the fore some interesting developments in the relationship that has, almost literally, gone to the dogs. He calls Anupama Chopra ‘sweetie cutie Anupama’, Kaveri Bamzai ‘Buffalo Bumzai’ and traces how Khalid Mohammad was “kicked out and down the ladder from TOI to Mid-day to DNA, to HT to Asian Age, (and now) writes for some obscure website which (I) doubt even 5 people will read.”

It is a piece worth reading. Access it here.

August 10, 2009   6 Comments  

Del Toro on the love of vampires

Director of Pan’s Labyrinth and the incredible Hellboy films, Guillermo del Toro and his co-author of The Strain got together to talk vampires in films and in literature and why the attraction to these nocturnal beings continues to hold us spellbound.

Click here to read their New York Times article.

August 3, 2009   No Comments