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Posts from — June 2010

Treating ‘orphan’ films

From: http://www.kino.com/metropolis/

Film prints that have been lost or damaged are referred to as orphans, and for seven years now, the Film Studies Department at New York University  Tisch School of the Arts, has hosted the Orphan Film Symposium. According to an informative article on the Museum of the Moving Image website, “What once simply identified those film works that have been abandoned (however inadvertently) by their owners, rights-holders, or “parents”—newsreels and ephemera, unreleased and unfinished works, home movies and stag films—now serves as a catchall for any work that exists outside the mainstream of commercial cinema. Indeed, any film whose future is in jeopardy—due to its diminished status in film history or its low priority in the usual operations of the archive—could be classified an orphan.”

It’s a wonderful report of the 7th Orphans Film Symposium. Click here to read the full article.

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Wide Screen on Wiki

There is now a Wikipedia page on our journal Wide Screen. It gives the history, policies and the people behind the journal.

It can be accessed here.

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Cover of Vol 2, Issue 1

The new issue of Wide Screen is now available. Click here to access it.

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