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Posts from — January 2011

Narcissism, Late Capitalism and Tamil Television: A Freudian Perspective

Sigmund Freud made a signal contribution to psychoanalysis through his 1914 paper “On Narcissism: An Introduction”. As a concept, narcissism has been employed in diverse ways to examine a range of socio-political leaders, movements and phenomena. In recent times, the rise of reality television provides ample scope to deal with the concept of narcissism in an entirely different mediascape and a different age of modernity, late capitalism. [Read more →]

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Review: No One Killed Jessica

Rajkumar’s Gupta’s last film, Aamir was deeply disturbing and politically problematic, but was crisply made and technically sound. In the world he created in that film and the characters he etched out, Gupta betrayed his inability to understand that the visuals of a film, its spaces, and its aesthetics are crucial to what the film says, often more so than even actual spoken words. In spite of all these problems, the film was well-shot and had a strong centre. With his latest film, No One Killed Jessica, Gupta has undone whatever little he achieved with Aamir.

The story (“part ‘fact’ part fiction” according to the opening disclaimer) is based on the infamous murder of the Delhi-based model, Jessica Lall. The trailers tell us that the film focuses on Sabrina, Jessica’s sister and her fight to put the accused Manu Sharma (Manish Bhardwaj in this film) behind bars. A parallel crucial character is Meera Gaitey a cussing, smoking, career-oriented reporter who suddenly remembers her duty as a journalist and decides to take up the coverage of the Jessica Lall murder case, starting the Justice  for Jessica campaign that went on to see a number of candlelight vigils. [Read more →]

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