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Edit Room presents Akasmat, Ep 1

Edit Room humbly submits a film by yours truly and Abhimanyu Goel, the first in the Akasmat trilogy. Shot with a digital camera (Fuji Finepix s5700).


1 Kuhu Tanvir { 10.12.08 at 11:58 am }

It definitely plays on world sentiments, or rather Indian sentiments. Timing is of the essence, am I right?

2 Kishore Budha { 10.12.08 at 8:47 pm }

The idea was to remove plots of causality. The Akasmaat Trilogy portrays the meaninglessness of human existence. The other interest here is the voice from beyond. The trilogy is exploring these two themes. Admittedly, the execution is poor. We seek a more refined visual representation with the limited resources.

3 Kuhu Tanvir { 10.19.08 at 2:27 pm }

Kishore, there is a present day context which your film is inevitably stuck in and that works as causality, however much you want to move away from it.
And meaninglessness of human existence is something i thought we had moved beyond. existentialism is outdated, very ‘stuck in the world war moment.’

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