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Zizek in Tamil


Slavoj Zizek

IJZS (International Journal of Zizek Studies), edited by Paul Taylor and David Gunkel, seeks to spread the message of the Slovenian philosopher in an essentially Zizekian way, to attempt what others have ignored. Academic journals of the online kind mostly subsist on the ephemeral advantages of being online and seldom leverage the character of being online as an ideological mission. The IJZS seeks to be different and sees an ideological mission in being online. One implication of the same is its true international character, if not in the spread of content, at least in the number of world languages in which reflections on Zizek find their voice for the first time ever. This is probably the only peer reviewed international journal that is international in the true sense of the word. IJZS attempts to host content in disparate languages such as Spanish, Tamil, Portugues, Chinese, Polish and a host of other languages.

Last week saw the publication of the key articles in Vol.1 No.1 of IJZS in Tamil and marked the first ever initiative to bring the writings on a living continental philosopher through the medium of a peer reviewed journal in Tamil. With the support of volunteer translators willing to spread the message of Zizek in Tamil, a full-fledged Tamil edition of IJZS will become a reality soon.


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