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Mr Rahman goes to Oscars. Indian media clamour

(Continuously updated) As Rahman enters the hunt for Oscars, we keep track of the madness that unfolds in Indian media. The latter is known to go give importance to any western recognition to Indians in asign of its readers’/audiences’ westward cultural orientation and sensitivity.  Already we can notice that all the media reports are identical as they are dependant on news agencies, telling us something about the economics and sociology of news production and the structural characteristics of media. Besides this journalism studies perspective there is the other issue of the valorisation of awards instituted in the west. Does this reflect a cultural imperialism and hegemony?  These are issues we can perhaps reflect on.

Update 29 Jan

“East, West dance to AR’s tunes”, Screen, Link

“The new millionaire!”, Screen, Link

“Jagjit Singh challenges AR Rahman”, Times Now, Link

Update 26 Jan

“Rooting for Rahman”, Mint, Jan 26, Link

As AR Rahman is nominated for three Oscars, music critics trace Rahman’s journey to international acclaim

“Oscar nomination a great honour: Maya Arulpragasam”, The Hindu, Jan 26, Link

In a media interview earlier this month, M.I.A. had voiced her admiration for Rahman. “When I was young as a kid, he was one of my idols. He is great and I enjoyed working with him. He takes music to a different place for me,” she had said.

“10 matters, 13 doesn’t”, Economic Times, Jan 26, Link

While highlighting the 10 Osacar nominations for Slumdog Millionaire (SM), the Indian media has not mentioned that The Curious Case Of Benjamin
Button (BB) has topped with 13. The Indian media has justifiably gone ga ga over the Oscar nominations for SM, a movie shot in Mumbai and utilising Bollywood’s creativity by way of music and actors.

Update 25 Jan

“Look who’s remixing with Rahman!”, Times of India, Jan 25, Link

The Pussycat Dolls, that vivacious all-girl American pop group that made men swoon and wonder with their raunchy song and video Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me, is apparently under our A R Rahman’s musical spell.

Update 24 Jan

“Bachchan thrills fans at Jaipur fest, prays for Rahman”, CNN-IBN, Jan 24, Link

“I am deliriously happy: A R Rahman “, NDTV,Jan 23, Link

Rahman had said: “For the people of India to get an Oscar is a big thing. So for their sake, more than mine, I hope my song Jai ho and my music score in Slumdog Millionaire win the Oscar.”… Rahman not only won hearts in India, but also made a mark on the global music scene. He got his first international break when Andrew Lloyd Webber invited him to compose music for Broadway musical Bombay Dreams, which won him immense international fame. He also composed for the stage adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings that premiered in Canada in 2006 and in London in 2007.

“A.R. Rahman: I am so elated … we’ve been waiting for 80 year”, The Hindu, Jan 23, Link

“We have been waiting for this for nearly 80 years, haven’t we?” I am so elated,” A.R. Rahman told The Hindu on Thursday, soon after the nominations were declared.

“After Slumdog, the world is not enough”, Hindustan Times, Jan 23, Link

The ten Oscar nominations for the British-Indian movie Slumdog Millionaire mark a decisive shift forward in the fortunes of our fast-globalising film industry… Slumdog’s success is also a happy augury for the future. Just as the Hindi film industry has found a growing appeal for its films globally, it has attracted megabucks from Hollywood. Anil Ambani has struck a deal to bankroll Steven Spielberg’s Dream Works SKG and, accordingly, has the best chances to make films that appeal to a wider audience than the NRI diaspora. From the other side, Hollywood, too, has compelling reasons to engage with India’s booming market for entertainment.

Academic Failure”, Times of India, Jan 23, Link

Meanwhile, the Indian press continues to go ga-ga over the success of a film that is certainly not Indian, and our own movie awards continue to nominate each actor that had a big release in the last year to avoid offending any one of them. One can only conclude that award shows are a joke, whether here or in Hollywood, and are more useful in generating water-cooler conversations than in providing a barometer of quality.


HT Delhi, P1, 23 Jan 09


ToI Mumbai, 23 Jan 2009

Indian Express, Delhi, p1, 23 Jan 2009

Indian Express, Delhi, p1, 23 Jan 2009

A R Rahman at the Oscars, NDTV.com, Link

After becoming the first Indian to win the Golden Globe, music maestro Allah Rakha Rahman added yet another feather in his cap blazing a new trail getting a triple Oscar nomination in two categories, an unprecedented feat for any Indian.

Rahman feels on top of the world after Oscar nominations, Times of India, Link

Soaking in triple Oscar nomination glory, Music maestro A R Rahman on Thursday said he felt on “top of the world” and disclosed that he was getting offers from Hollywood producers to provide the musical score for their films.

Rahman feels on top of the world, says getting Hollywood offers, The Hindu, Link

Rahman bags triple nomination at the Oscars, Times of India, Link

A R Rahman did India proud once again as he bagged a triple nomination at the 81 st Oscar Academy Awards for Slumdog Millionaire

Rahman bags 3 nominations for Slumdog at Oscars, The Indian Express, Link

Rahman makes India proud by earning Oscar nominations, Times of India, Link

Rahman makes India proud by earning three Oscar nominations, Hindustan Times, Link

Rahman makes India proud by earning Oscar nominations, The Hindu, Link

A R Rahman notches up 3 Oscar nominations, The Hindu, Link

I want an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire’s score: Rahman, Hindustan Times, Link


Jayalalithaa congratulates Rahman, The Hindu, Link


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