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The Cult cinema circuit in India

An interesting report in Screen, 2002 (read here) about the B/C grade film circuit where the margins are high and the films, well… of a unique aesthetic! While one end of the spectrum makes and distributes films purpotedly explicit (though these are not cleared by the censors), the other end distributes locally made horror films (read here, watch interesting documentary here Pt 1 and here Pt 2) and Hong Kong action films (read here).

The urban (middle-class) audiences frown upon such films, so we have A-list directors trying to emulate the success of these films (unsuccessfully). They just don’t understand the economics and the dynamics of the subaltern pop culture. This circuit relies on basic economics – keep costs low; make few prints; distribute them territory after territory. When this basic economic maxim is ignored in preference for high promotional and distribution costs, producers are sure to find themselves battling against an indifferent urban audience – which thanks to modern technology can access explicit sex (See here and full coverage here).

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