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RGV remixes Indian National Anthem

Never far from conrtoversy, Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma announced on Wednesday that the title track of his upcoming film Rann is a reworked version of the Indian national anthem.

The tune remains the same, and the lyrics take off from the original in a way that instead of praising the country, they speak of the current divided reality of India.

Verma said, “I have not tinkered with the national anthem. Tinkering would be if I would have shown it in bad light. I haven’t done anything of this sort. Through this song, we are talking about the disputes in the country but there were no intentions to ridicule anything…”

Listen to the song

It will be interesting to hear responses to this move.

For those who can’t access the video, here are the lyrics with an English translation:

Jana Gana Mana Rann Hai
Is Rann MeinZakhmi Hua Hai
Bharat Ka Bhaagya Vidhaata
Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha
Ek Doosre Se Ladd Ke Mar Rehein Hain
Is Desh Ne Humjko Ek Kiya
Hum Desh Ke Tukdey Kar Rahein Hain
Khoon Bahaa Ker
Ek Rang Kar Diya Humne Tiranga
Sarhadon Pe Jung Aur
Galiyon Mein Fasaad Danga
Vindh Himachal Yamuna Ganga
Men Tezaab Ubal Raha Hain
Mar Gaya Sab Ka Zameer
Jan Kab Zinda Ho Aagey
Phot Bhi Tava Shubha Name Jaage
Tav Shubh Aashish Maange
Aag Mein Jal Kar Cheekh Raha Hai
Phir Bhi Koi Sach Ko Nahi Bachaata
Gahe Tava Jaya Gaatha
Desh Ka Aisa Haal Hain Lekin
Aapas Mein Ladd Rahein Neta
Jana Gana Mangal Daayak Jaya Hai
Bharat Ko Bachale Vidhaata
Jay Hai Yeh Marann Hai
Jana Gana Mana Rann Hai

English translation
There is battle in every mind
And in this battle the future
Of India is wounded
Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha
Are fighting amongst and killing each other
This country made us one
And in return we are breaking it into pieces
The Dravidians, the Orissa, the Bengal
By shedding blood, we have turned the
Tricolour into one just bloody colour
Battles ablaze on the borders
While riots burn down our lanes
Acid is boiling in Himachal
Yamuna Ganga
Dead is our conscience
Who knows when it will come back to life
Yet we chant god’s name praying
For his blessings
The truth screams as it burns in fire
Without a saviour for it
Yet we sing the victory song
This is the state our country is in
And the leaders fight within
The salvation of all the people waits in your hand
Oh God! Please save India
Is this victory or is this death?
There is a battle in every mind


1 Kishore Budha { 05.15.09 at 10:25 am }

hmmm. RGV sure knows how to draw attention.

2 ragh { 05.26.09 at 1:41 pm }

RGV Sucks !

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