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Whither Filmi Fundas

Whatever happened to “filmi fundas”, the film festival of Indian independent cinema?

It was interesting how this festival tried to position itself against earlier waves of “New Indian Cinema”. “Unlike parallel cinema which show moralistic stories in rural settings, independent cinemas show urban, fast-paced delight made on a small budget. ‘Hyderabad Blues’ and ‘Bombay Boys’ have managed to rake in moolah by spending far too less on sets and stars compared to what Bollywood blockbusters spend on their productions,” Writer-Director Kaizad Gustad said in 2002 (PTI report, June 30, 2002).

The festival was launched at Chor Bizzare and was actively promoted by Channel 4 and the ITV.

(update 29 Jan) I got in touch with Mukta Kapoor at Chor Bizzare recently and learnt that the festival has been discontinued.


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