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Publishing more trivia

Barring the few research papers, there is very little information about Indian film music. Manek Premchand’s book Musical Moments From Hindi Films, though not an academic work, attempts to fill that gap. The only sore point is that critical writing is given a go-by in favour of trivia. The book illustrates Pendakur’s point about the lack of serious writing on the industry. Nevertheless, it is a good resource for any researcher into Hindi cinema.


1 Manek Premchand { 02.04.07 at 1:13 pm }

Hi there!
Just saw your comment, and can only agree with it. However, perhaps my earlier book, Yesterday’s Melodies Today’s Memories is the sort of research work you refer to.
Thanks a lot, anyway!
Manek Premchand

2 Shoma A. Chatterji { 10.11.07 at 8:02 pm }

Dear Kishore,

Surfed you blog for more than an hour this morning and am fascinated by your output and its quality in terms of research, reading and content.

Do you have a list of books on cinema authored by me on your site? Do let me know. I have around seven titles on cinema published across India by different publishers and one film biography of P.C. Barua – the only one on him in English till date – still awaits publication five years after having finished the commissioned work by The Wisdom Tree, Delhi.

I would love to send you the list if it interests you.


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