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Italy offers Indian film industry its expertise – now that’s a laugh

An Italian delegation led by deputy Prime Minister Francesco Rutelli offered Italian experise in film production to India. Here’s Pritish Nandy’s response to a question I posed him about the contribution of the French to Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (A Thousand Dreams Like These):

What were the gains from exchange of technical talent?
Very little. Barring the experience, which was fun, there was no actual sustainable benefit. We only hope that these technicians had a great time working with us and would like to return to India and work again, this time for others. It will enrich the global process of cultural integration. Nothing beyond that was attempted. Nothing beyond that was frankly achieved. India is the only country in the world whose cinema has withstood cultural colonisation by Hollywood and it makes sense for other nations, like France and Italy and Great Britain, to learn the art of survival from countries and cultures like us. HKA is a shining example of the brave new cinema emerging from countries like India and redefining world cinema, finding new global audiences, and challenging the oligarchy of the US studios.

Latest update on Italy’s wooing of India.


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