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If the Oscars were run by critics…

Nominations, predictions, surprises and catfights are usual fare in the run up to the most popular award show hosted by the Academy for Motion Pictures and Sciences. An interesting list was drawn up by the guys at TIME, that made early predictions about what film, director and actors would be honoured by the Academy if the awards were decided by critics.

I’ve linked the list of Best Picture and the votes it got here.

For the complete list, click here.

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1 Thottekat Kiran Menon { 02.11.10 at 6:58 am }

The IndieWire,Village Voice, Sight & Sound & Cahiers du Cinema polls are better indicators (although Cahiers polls only its own critics as far as I remember). However, it must be noted that even their choice is a consensus choice (as compared with the individual lists – some of the more brilliant films may be divisive), the polls lean towards english speaking (and esp. american) critics & films (a critic, even from France, is more likely to have seen the critically acclaimed American films than vice versa; same is the case for mainstream over arthouse & independents; also the cultural bias) and focus on the immediate value of the films as compared to their value over time (this can’t be helped I suppose, but several ‘great’ films may not be immediately accessible both due to geographical constraints as well as the aesthetics / socio-political themes they explore; also films are evaluated through a single viewing experience)

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