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The Big Black Hole

It appears the Indian society is allowing itself to be sucked by the big black hole called popular culture, personified in the Hindi film industry. This report in the Indian express sums it up.

The biggest trend that came about in all of last year was Bollywood. The organisers, designers and media (on both sides) only concerned themselves with which star was appearing for whom. Ironic, especially since the fashion world often expresses its disdain for the ‘tacky’ Hindi film industry. But now we seem to be as Bollywood-fixated as the common man is. Read report here:

It should not be surprising. Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI), which is organising the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) is giving out yet another award to Amitabh Bachchan. I am sure the star, though grateful, must be rather tired of being felicitated and given out awards by the dozen each year. MIFF has the unique opportunity to promote new and cutting edge talent. Instead, Bachchan will be honoured during the opening ceremony. Read report here.

On second thoughts, I wonder if the South Asian society as a whole has surrendered its imagination to popular cinema. It’s not the industry’s fault if people fall over each other to lay their finger nails on any bit of the industry.

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1 Nirmal Kumar { 03.04.07 at 4:29 am }

It suprises me too. I wonder why film stars are called to open stores, release books and attend charity balls, when we know they do not mean all that. Most do for money. All have their rates. But we are so tired of politicians and corrupt bureaucrarts(Babus) that we go in for film stars. They charge money, OK, but at least they do not mean to harm. Politicians on the other hand tries to develop the contact to reap money. Bureaucrats too will develop contact for some unhealthy favor.
But also important is the fact that we do not have enough heroes. In Delhi university whenever we have a function the guest list ( or rather Chief Guest list) is pretty limited. If you want a dynamic and glamorous Chief Guest then the choice must be Kiran Bedi, Shiela Dixit, or a Nafisa Ali. A country of billion population has not many heroes. How many sports person actually you can think of calling? You may want a cricketer but he may be very busy. Do we know who is the captain of Indian men Hockey or women’s Cricket teams? Do we ever wish to call a musician or an athelete as the Chief Guest? Or worse a writer or a poet?
So the answer is Film stars.

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