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Revisiting the cultural geography argument

In an earlier post, I had put forward the argument that using foreign locales in an arbitrary way (i.e., not placing the narrative in the reality of the geography and culture and instead using them as sites for the enactment of exotic fantasies) was problematic (read here and here). A report in Eux.tv validates the argument.

German church leaders angered at Bollywood intrusion =
By Yuriko Wahl, dpa

Cologne, Germany (dpa) – Organ music and candlelight took a back seat to Indian pop songs and flashing disco lights as Bollywood stars took over a Catholic Church in the German city of Cologne on Tuesday.

An 85-strong crew of actors, technicians and dancers descended on the 100-year-old church of St. Agnes which is providing the backdrop for an Indian film about love and music.

But church leaders are not amused that the house of prayer is being transformed to a film set, surrounded by catering vehicles, security personnel and portable toilets.

“We were not consulted. If we had been we would never have given our permission,” said Christoph Heckeley, a spokesman for the diocese of Cologne. St Agnes is the city’s second biggest church.

You cannot entirely blame Hindi filmmakers for that, especially when countries are bending over backwards to welcome film crews into their country (read here and here).


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