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8th Orphan Film Symposium

NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Cinema Studies, and the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program present the 8th Orphan Film Symposium, April 11-14, 2012 at the Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, NY, USA.

NYU and Museum of the Moving Image host the 8th Orphan Film Symposium, the biennial gathering of scholars, archivists, curators, and media artists devoted to saving, screening, and studying neglected moving images. The renovated museum houses a 264-seat theater, video galleries, and digital projection areas throughout its new space.


The theme of “Orphans 8” is persuasion. What neglected film and video productions influenced thought, opinion, behavior, and perception (or tried to)? What “pictures in our heads” come from moving pictures and sounds that were made to persuade?

Among the many forms under consideration are: political campaign ads, advertising films, television commercials, newsreels, newsfilm, religious pictures, sponsored and sales films, promos, PR, PSAs, EPKs, military productions, clandestine or subversive work, trailers, teasers, snipes, documentaries, essay films, public affairs and public access programs, activist and advocacy pieces, propaganda, issue ads, culture jamming, intelligence work, stereotypes and counterstereotypes, censored footage,
indoctrination and training films, triggers, guidance and educational films, amateur samizdat, and related orphan films and media.

Selected speakers will lead presentations, screenings, and discussions. Proposals that include the screening of rediscovered or recently preserved works are highly encouraged. New media productions using archival material are sought as well, as are presentations about copyright issues and technical aspects of moving image archiving and preservation.

Send one-page proposals to dan.streible@nyu.edu. Next round of review is 6.1.11.


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