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Kahaani: When Bollywood left Bombay

I watched Sujoy Ghosh’s latest film Kahaani last night, and to my utter surprise, I was absolutely hooked to every second of the film. Ghosh who has previously made films like Jhankaar Beats (2003), Aladin (2009) and Home Delivery (2005) has always aimed to make a space for himself in the visibly formulaic atmosphere of Bollywood. And while his something like Jhankaar Beats was indeed genre bending, it was also a somewhat contrived effort that was hopelessly devoted to its western inspirations. This is perhaps the reason I was so pleasantly surprised with the incredible maturity of Kahaani. A film made by someone who is at home in the space that his film unfolds, and is able to take his audience through the crowded lanes of Calcutta, painting the picture of a city that is stuck in a moment with its history and its stagnation written on its surfaces. Now that we have seen an overkill of the labyrinthine lanes of Bombay, the time was right to move to another city, that has its own brand of mystery, as potent but visibly different.

I can think of a lot of things to say about Kahaani, but I think this review by Trisha Gupta will do the film much more justice. Click here to read it.

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1 Dr. Leo Rebello { 03.28.12 at 4:56 pm }

Heroine centered film, Vidya Balan or Bidya Bagchi carries the role with an aplomb. There is not a single dull moment even though there were no item numbers and no stunts. The “running hot water” was very good. Kahani captivates.

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