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Giving Disney the boot, DIY distribution

According to this report, Outsourced, a film made by John Jeffcoat (his blog is here) and produced by Shadow Catcher Entertainment decided to go solo in distributing the film after the insulting offer by Miramax/Disney.

“The deal allowed for a theatrical release in one city only: Seattle,” Skinner said. “We would have to put up all the P and A (prints and advertising) and then recoup our investment on a 10 percent return, after which we would split any future profits 50-50.

“The studio had a lucrative cable deal in place, but we wouldn’t see any of those profits. Meanwhile, they would invest nothing in the ad campaign. We would have to raise that capital ourselves. Welcome to the wonderful world of independent film distribution.”

Skinner likens the moment when he saw the terms of that deal to Peter Finch’s breaking point in the classic film “Network” when he screams: “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

ShadowCatcher’s strategy is to make the money on DVD sales — using the theatrical release as a promotional tool. The DVDs are being sold directly over its website cutting out middlemen such as Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster. This is quite a risky strategy and it remains to be seen whether Outsourced will succeed.

This is not the first case of going solo.


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