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Cinema, TV, and the logic of spectacle

Television making sense? For once perhaps. This CNN-IBN report takes a dig at the state of film awards in India particularly the way they have become software for television companies with little focus on the awards themselves. Interestingly the report has top Indian director Karan Johar stating that some awards are ridiculous and “those who accept the awards are stupider”. He goes on to add, “but what do you do with a television driven industry, it is a TRP driven industry…”. In the interests of “balance”, the report has a soundbite from an organiser of one of the awards — IIFA.


1 Utpal Borpujari { 10.31.07 at 3:58 am }

Most of the ‘film awards’ are just another way to prepare a ‘made-for-TV’ event, an avenue to garner ad revenues. India has the biggest film industry in the world in terms of films made every year, but every film industry of the country has more than handful of award ceremonies – and probably not a single overall industry award (like the Oscars) for either Hindi or any other regional industries. Many of the award ceremonies are done by media houses (Filmfare, Stardust, Screen, Zee), some by bodies like IIFA, Film & TV Producers Guild which claim to represent the industry, but none represent the whole of Indian film industry, taking in films made in all languages. The only exception is the National Awards, and every year it becomes news because of wrong reasons, much of the confusion created because of political and allied reasons (since the awards are organized by the government). But despite all its drawbacks and some curious award categories, it is the only representative award for the whole country’s cinema. The less said about the film personalities attending the award ceremonies the better – the ones who belittle the award ceremonies on TV shows would be seen happily receiving LIfetime Achievement Awards in ceremony after ceremony. It is all a you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours business.

2 Kenneth Loew { 10.31.07 at 5:25 am }

Sounds like a big party to me! Everybody goes home happy.

3 Nirmal Kumar { 12.08.07 at 2:21 pm }

Awards and films both serve the same purpose in India- they pamper the audience with peep show of films stars. Who actually bothers about them. have you ever met a person who has been to watch a film because it recieved manickchand Filmfare award or Screen Star Plus award. Not only we, even the films who get awarded hardly advertise this achievement. the famous actors too dont bother. They just dance and come because theyget paid to do so. What is the commercial value of these awards?
So rightly TV channels make a moolah. To gullible and star crazy indian audience they serve glamour on platter. chalta hai!

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