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NGO-in-a-box video toolkit

Via mediamentor.ca and Frederick Noronha

Kino, a free video editing software for linux

Kino, a free video editing software for linux

The Audio/Video edition of NGO-in-a-Box is a toolkit that lowers the entry-level for NGOs, non-profits and media activists wanting to use audio and video for social change. It is a collection of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools, documentation and tutorials that introduce you to the world of FOSS and the low-cost technology that is transforming the balance of forces in the realm of media production.


What is the Audio/Video Edition of NGO-in-a-box?

The Audio and Video edition of NGO-in-a-box is a toolkit of Free and OpenSource Software (FOSS), documentation and tutorials for NGOs, non-profits and media activists.

Traditionally audio and video production and distribution have been costprohibitive for most people, particularly for those in developing countries. New technologies are changing that. Tactical Tech and EngageMedia have collaborated to put together a kit that lowers the entry level for NGOs and individuals wanting to use audio and video, introduces you to the world of FOSS as well as low-cost technology and its possibilities for transforming the balance of forces in the realm of media production.

Audio and Video are both extremely powerful communication tools that can be used extensively for documenting and monitoring, campaigning, lobbying, education, awareness raising and outreach. The A/V edition of NGO-in-a-box is aimed at activist and advocacy organisations in which audio and video is a significant aspect of their work or those groups or individuals interested to explore further how these tools might assist them. The box is not aimed at experts but hopes instead to make these often complex tools accessible to a broader user base.

We envision the Audio and Video edition of NGO-in-a-box within a trajectory of citizen journalism and advocacy work, a toolkit for DIY media makers to find their voice and affect change.

The A/V NGO-in-a-box is a selection of what we believe are the best FOSS audio/video tools currently available covering editing, streaming, encoding, distribution and more. We have also provided documentation on how to use these tools and a range of tutorials on various aspects of audio and video production.

The hard copy of the second edition includes the multimedia Linux distribution Dynebolic as well as the OpenCD, a collection of open source programmes for day to day activities.

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