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Let Us Learn to Love Good Compositions

One good way to learn the art of composition is to endear ourselves to a bunch of inspiring images. These images need not be classic works of photography. Any image counts here. Images of living and non-living things count equally. Images of the past and present are not to be discriminated. What one saw in the past as one drove through a beautiful countryside or whatever comes back strongly as memories of the past defined by our childhood can also serve up inspiring images. These are images which are out of bounds for others as they are our mental compositions of our earlier journeys. Similarly, what got etched in the imagination of our ancestors centuries of years ago and reflected in their stone tablets, potteries and cave walls can also provide valuable clues. Here is an example from the times of Mohenjadaro civilization (2000BC).

If one seeks to master the art of fluid movement in composition, one need not go further than this composition which brings out lucidly the power of fluid movement. The composition etched on stone tablet depicts a scene of a bull fighting event. One can also learn appreciable clues about the magic of fluid movement from the brilliant compositions of Leni Riefenstahl, notwithstanding the unworthy collaboration she had during the Nazi regime.

The above is meant to provide breather from the routine and is from my recent post on visual culture and photography in india.


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