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More Bollywood abroad!

Does media coverage in the West mean much?

Does media coverage in the West mean much?

Some more data on Indian cinema, or should we say Bollywood, abroad! Given the Indian media’s (and if I may say urban India’s) obsession with how (and how much) India is represented abroad, this is one heck of a table to cheer them up. They must remember that media fascination for the “new black” [William Safire (2004) The New Black, NYT, May 30, 2004] is a back-handed compliment. As is:

Following in the sasquatchian footsteps of Hollywood, Bollywood is also going global [DAVE KEHR (2004) Bollywood Discovers New Jersey’s Subplots NYT July 16, 2004].

With the reports in newspapers such as Times of players such as Reliance Entertainment and UTV investing in American productions, things are indeed looking good for the patriot! Thing is, Anil Ambani or Ronnie Screwvala don’t have India and its army of patriots on their minds when they make investments. It is the shareprice and their own net worth!

The real question is: what is the difference between Anil Ambani or any other man in a suit investing in a Hollywood blockbuster. The answer to that is easy!

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I recently wrote on some related matters (which I believe to be of great interest), check out my recent postings at DinaView.

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