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(CFP) “Orphans No More: Ephemeral Films and American Culture”

“Orphans No More: Ephemeral Films and American Culture”
A Proposal for a Theme Issue of Journal of Popular Film and Television

From the early 1900s to the present day, millions of workers, students, corporate sales employees, and members of civic organizations have viewed nonfiction films and videos at school, at the office, in church basements, on television and at their local theater. Ephemeral and Orphan films refer to a wide range of non-Hollywood film genres, including but not limited to: management and sales training, mental hygiene, science, travel and religious education films. These films were mostly produced and funded by corporate, governmental or private institutions and although often shown as shorts in theatres or on television in the early years, without the provenance of the Hollywood factory system they have received minimal scholarly attention. We propose a Journal of Popular Film and Television theme issue that addresses the ephemeral/orphan film as a newly emerging field of research in the fields of Film and Video Studies, Communication, Cultural Studies, and American Studies.

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