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(CFP) Film and film culture. Issue 5

Frontiers and Futures in Film and Digital Media

Cinema is changing. Cinema has always changed: evolved, developed and adapted to shifts in technology and culture since its inception in the 19th century. The nature of the medium itself has undergone radical realignment in the past decade however, particularly with the growth of the internet and the refinement of digital technologies in the production and delivery of filmed entertainment. Arguably, the convergence of technological giddiness and the refocusing of global capitalism represent a new climate for the production and reception of cinema not unlike that which prevailed at its origins. Is YouTube the new Salon Indien? Are developments in gaming changing what audiences expect in terms of interactivity with the image? Is the third coming of 3-D really our next step towards Star Trek holodecks? Does the shift from mechanical to digital production fundamentally change the art of film and how we should theorise it? Film and Film Culture is looking for articles on the frontiers and futures of Film and Digital Media. Articles could span a range of topics, addressing production, distribution, reception, representation, art and aesthetics, economics, and include reference to digital media including online filmmaking, machinima, gaming and television, but always with an eye for the implications and relationship with film and film culture.

Articles should be between 4000 and 8000 words in length and should use the MLA referencing style. In the first instance, however, an expression of interest and/or an abstract (c200 words) should be submitted to the editors at the addresses given below.

Film and Film Culture is a peer-reviewed film journal originating in Ireland which focuses on all aspects of international film and film culture in a global context. It aims to promote research, debate, and intellectual engagement with cinema through the publication of a wide range of high quality writing by academics, critics, and practitioners.

The proposals should be sent by 27th September 2008, with final article to be submitted on16th January 2009.

Contact: Harvey O’Brien. Harvey.obrien@ucd.ie

Niamh Thornton. n.thornton@ulster.ac.uk

For information on past issues see: http://www.arts.ulster.ac.uk/lanlit/research/film_journal/index.html


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