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Philippine Digital Music and Short Film Festival

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Thumb InterActiv and Blue Fish Asia, strong advocates of making the Filipino music and artistry available around the world through Digital Technology, are spearheading the very first Philippine Digital Music and Short Film Festival and Awards via different digital platforms. We would like to extend our sincerest intention to invite every film maker to be part of this ground breaking event of the Digital Age for Filipinos in the music and arts industry.

Philippine Digital Film Fest Flyer

Philippine Digital Film Fest Flyer (click to enlarge)

Our objective and purpose for creating this event are primarily to:

  • Combat piracy of Filipino Contents by introducing an alternative, affordable and legal site for downloading
  • Give equal opportunity to Filipino artists to earn while they broadcast their work of arts over the internet and other platforms
  • Promote the craft of the Filipino animators and movie makers to other Filipinos around the world
  • A transparent and wide scoped contest and awarding since it will be available for voting and downloading globally through world wide web

The contest is a web and SMS based contest and shall run for six (6) months including the preparation time and shall be concluded with a grand event which will be held tentatively at the World Trade Center.  All entries shall be made available on the web portal of www.digijooze.com / phildigiawards.com, portals of telecommunications companies and other partners for mobile and internet downloading. Awards will be segmented in different criteria and categories.

In this regard, we would like to invite your animators with available short animated films to be a part of this event by licensing for streaming and or downloading with us their best entries with its trailers.All information regarding the contest is available at www.phildigiawards.com. We look forward working with you on this very first Philippine Digital Music and Short Film Awards and Festival. For more information, please call us at (02) 638.58.10 / 914.06.25 to 26 or e-mail me at pmgabay@yahoo.com.

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1 Myrel { 11.03.08 at 11:32 am }

Hi everyone!

Voting for your favorite entry and leaving comments to their individual entries is now officially open. You may also download and watch their entries. This is the only way for them to win this contest!
Support Filipino artists! Pinoy Rocks!!!

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