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(CFP) Trash Cinema

We are searching for three to five additional submissions for a critical collection about the ever-expanding world of national and international trash cinema.

As fans of trash cinema, while we do like to think of the form as being utterly anti- or counter- “mainstream” cinema, we are amazed at how many trash favorites (both personal and more perennial, if such a thing exists)have a striking formal similarity to – as well as an appeal for devotees of- more mainstream fare.

As scholars of trash cinema, while we know that the films are often shoddily-produced, ill-distributed, and under-exhibited; that they are often single-minded in their pursuit of spectacle over substance; and thattheir use as scholarly texts to think about and through is often limited by the means and ends of their production, we are fascinated with the aesthetic and ideological work that this type of film does.

For this collection, we are interested in building on the work of such scholars like Jeffrey Sconce, Eric Schaefer, Joan Hawkins, and Greg Taylor,which analyzes the material processes and cultural contexts of exhibition,distribution, exhibition, and reception of trash cinema, as well as track its transnational vectors.

Abstracts of 500 words can be sent as e-mail attachments to Anthony C.Bleach acbleach_at_gmail.com, John F. Lennon jlennon01_at_gmail.com, and Christopher Robe crobe_at_fau.edu; they need to be submitted no later than September 15, 2008. Final versions of essays accepted for the volume will be due October 31, 2008. Contributors should be aware that we are working with stringent deadlines as we bring the collection to press. Please include full contact information with your submissions.


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