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(CFP) Sexual Fetishes and/in Literature and Film

Sexual Fetishes and/in Literature and Film

  • Date of Publication: July 2009
  • Date of Colloquium: 1-3 May 2009 (Paris)
  • Submissions beginning NOW, ending: 13 October 2008

We welcome 12 more essays of interest to those concerned with the study of sexuality and/in literature or film. The collection of essays will be published in July 2009 with Rodopi and will contain 25 scholarly articles on “Sexual Fetishes and/in Literature and Film.”

We are looking particularly for essays relating literary studies and sexuality studies with each other, answering to the publication’s subject matter. We are especially interested in papers taking polemical positions concerning the relationship between narrative forms and content and cultural/philosophic implications.

The publication will be accompanied by a colloquium in Paris in May 2009. All authors who are decided to be included in the collection of essays will be invited to participate in the colloquium (1-3 May 2009). All expanses regarding flights, accommodation and full board will be financed by the organizers. Articles of fewer than c. 4,000 words or more than c. 12,000 words are not considered for publication. The word count includes foot notes but excludes works-cited lists and translations, which should accompany foreign language quotations. High resolution pictures (max. 10 per essay) will be considered for print.

Each article submitted is send to two reviewers in international departments of literary study and psychology. Articles recommended by these readers are then sent to the members of the editorial board, who meet in late January 2009 to make final decisions. Until a final decision is reached, the author’s name is not made known to consultant readers and the editorial board. It is our policy not to review articles that are under consideration elsewhere.

Submissions, prepared according to the “MLA Style” should be sent electronically (MS Word document) to:

Project Assistant: Dr. Philipp Koteas : cfp-fetish_at_albertina-foundation.org

Please enclose a brief cv and publication list. All authors of articles are not paid but will receive 15 offprints free of charge and a copy of the publication.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the responsible project assistant, Dr. Philipp Koteas: cfp-fetish_at_albertina-foundation.org

US Albertina Foundation for Academic Excellence and Europäische Stiftung-Albertina für Akademische Exzellenz at www.albertina-foundation.org and www.stiftung-albertina.org


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