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Turkeywood and Hari Puttar? Damn ’em Subaltern cinema

The headlines in western newspapers put it quite succinctly: “Warner set to tackle Mumbai’s Hari Puttar” (CBC);  “Bollywood sued over ‘Hari Puttar'” (news.com.au). The fuss is over what Warner considers as intellectual property transgression of its lucrative Harry Potter franchise.

Hari Puttar vs Harry Potter

Hari Puttar vs Harry Potter

The producers of Hari Puttar, of course, deny it and argue the film has nothing to do with Rowling’s original, wizardry, or gay headteachers (since it is not a part of Indian culture). Ok, I made up the last one… couldn’t resist it. The Hindi film is due for release September 12. It is interesting how on one hand adoption of western culture and values is considered good for US (read here). Indians take this by the letter and spirit. Take for example the case of Barbara Taylor Bradford Vs Sahara Film, which she lost in Indian courts (read here).

Hari Puttar has more in common with Home Alone than Mr Potter. So I don’t understand Warner’s consternation. I wonder if Warner has heard of a Hindi film n Indian film Aabra Ka Daabra (2004)? Or if Universal has heard of Badi, the Turkish ET?

or if LucasFilm heard of the Turkish Star Wars?

So, earlier it was a problem of difference (smelly, poor, backward people). Now it is a problem of similarity.

(Update 27 Aug, 2008): Mattel has successfully won an IPR battle against Bratz. Both sides claimed victory (read here).

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